Some day I will wake up and read someone has cloned a dinosaur. However, today was not that day. Some of you may have seen -- either on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere on the Internet -- the semi-believable story that scientists in Britain had successfully cloned a dinosaur.

The story was believable -- enough to make me go check for a second source. But no, it's not even remotely true. It was put out by some company trying to make lots of money on web hits. But the story is really creative -- and plausible. Just not possible with today's technology.

I still think it will happen someday, just not today.

If anyone knows anything about dinosaurs, you could immediately tell it was fake. The story said the cloned dino was a long-necked species, but the photo clearly depicts a creature with a short neck (which is likely some kind of marsupial). So if the story said they cloned a Velociraptor it would have been even more believable.