A man broke into a coffee stand in Moses Lake and was caught because he admitted they "found my footprints on the door" after he kicked it in. Reports say the man is Sergio Moreno Jr., 38, of Moses Lake, is charged with second-degree burglary and third-degree theft. Last Friday Officers responded to Jo Jo’s Java, located at 530 W. Valley Rd., because of a burglary alarm and found the door kicked open. They found footprints on the bottom half of the door and in the dust inside the coffee shop, but nothing was missing according to the owner. Police then found the suspect walking near the scene of the crime and noticed him from other robberies he was involved in police say.

Moreno was also wearing shoes with the same pattern that they found on the kicked in door when they found him. He said at first that a friend had borrowed the shoes the day before when officers said they found his foot prints at the scene. Then he said that they must have ‘"you found my footprints on the door", before the police had given him that information.

Duh! Guilty!