Kennewick officials have launched a $1 million campaign makeover for the Playground of Dreams in Columbia Park.

Phase one is expected to be finished this fall, with the project slated to be completed in May of 2019.

The new structure will feature some of the same Tri-Cities iconic features (Lampson crane, hydroplane, Clover Island lighthouse, Cable Bridge) but incorporate modern materials that can better withstand Tri-Cities seasonal conditions and will allow children with disabilities to play side-by-side with their peers.

The castle-like structure was built by 1,000 volunteers in 1999 and rebuilt in 2004 after an arson fire.

The Playground will remain as is through the summer, but then, pending Army Corps of Engineers approval, demolition crews will move in and the make over will begin.

The original planners sold over 1,400 pickets to sponsors who had them carved with messages. The pickets were assembled into the fence the encircles the playground.

Those type of picket fences obstruct sight lines and don't fly in modern day playground building, Unobstructed views, so adults can monitor kids no matter where they're playing, are preferred.

The pickets are being preserved for those who wish to reclaim them. Do that here.

The fundraising campaign will offer tiers of support, starting at $10. In the spirit of the pickets, those who donate $250 or more can have a message inscribed on small stainless steel tags that will hang at the playground's entrance.

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