Justin Sanders, a fourth grader at Fort Colville Elementary School in Colville, WA, made teachers aware of a fellow student bringing weapons to school inside of his backpack.

Justin, who rides the same bus as one of the fifth graders accused of bringing weapons to school, said he saw a knife fall out of the boy's backpack. Justin told a teacher as soon as possible. He told KREM.com

When I was on the bus, this one kid was getting off the bus, and then he fell, his backpack opened, and a few sheets of paper fell out. There was also a knife.

According to prosecutors and investigators, two 10 and 11 year old fifth grade boys had planned their attack on the school for the past two weeks. They had planned to kill an ex-girlfriend and hurt several others. They were expelled for bringing the knife, as well as a stolen gun and ammunition to school.

The boys will face a judge later this month and could face criminal charges of conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

[Via KREM]