Finally, our government, the United States of America, is getting its priorities straight. From the 115th Congress:

H.R.6628 - To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 4301 Northeast 4th Street in Renton, Washington, as the "James Marshall 'Jimi' Hendrix Post Office Building"

Excuse me, while I lick the backside.....of the guy who's on my forever stamp?

Fly on, little wing.

And if you remember from your School of Rock, it's just a bill, yes it's only a bill, and it's still stuck in Capitol Hill crosstown traffic because it has to go to the Senate for approval then onto the President for his signature. I don't know, do you think the Trumpmeister,  -- a Hendrix fan? Possible, but not probable.

We hope the bill makes it that far, to the desk of the president, and if it does, he signs it, and it becomes enacted into law. We'll keep vigil all along the watchtower and let you and your foxey lady know of the progress.

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