"This is a pivotal and solemn moment in our country's history," said Dan Newhouse, in part of an official statement he put on Twitter today, saying he supports the article of impeachment against the president this time, as 2021 brings us yet another day in American history that will be discussed and taught in schools for generations.

"Turning a blind eye to this brutal assault on our Republic is not an option," Newhouse also opined.

History is watching and saving receipts today as a vote in the House of Representatives on an unprecedented second impeachment of President Donald Trump will ultimately show Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-Wa.) representing Washington's 4th District, voting Yea to this article of impeachment, contrary to his no votes during Trump's first impeachment trial.

In his statement, Newhouse highlighted that if he were to vote no, he would be condoning and validating the unacceptable violence witnessed in our nation's capital. A no vote would be a vote to condone the president's inaction. By not strongly condemning the attack nor calling in reinforcements, when officers were overwhelmed, President Trump failed to fulfill his oath of office.

Newhouse had previously signed on to the Texas amicus brief supporting the lawsuit over 2020 Election inaccuracies that was taken before the Supreme Court and summarily dismissed without a hearing. The Congressman took plenty of heat, even in a solid red district, about supporting that legal move.

Newhouse represents Washington’s 4th congressional district which encompasses  Douglas, Okanogan, Grant, Yakima, Franklin, Benton and Adams counties.

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