It always amazes me on what I find at a yard sale. My big brother actually found a sign once that was worth over a thousand bucks. He paid $2 at the yard sale. He can sell with the best of them, so he sold it for 1500! He made $1498 bucks of that thing. I like to search for things like that just to see if I can get as lucky as he did. My favorite things that I do buy at yard sale's are:

Anything crafty to keep my kids busy. Paints, yarn or whatever.

Music of any kind. I mostly like buying old vinyl because it is fun to look at. Vinyl also sounds a lot better than digital but that is just me.

Musical instruments of any kind. I now own 3 pianos because they were cheap. HA

Anything that can make my yard look awesome. I like looking for cool bricks and pots.

Tools of any kind. You never know when you are going to need them.

If you are headed to Yakima Valley on May 9th, you should check out Townsquare Medias very large yard sale.