Benton County Sheriff's Office reporting a productive weekend on facebook:

The Gang Unit was assisting Detectives with with a search warrant on King Tull Rd. While serving the search warrant one of the detectives noticed an Illegal Marijuana Grow at the next door neighbors house. The Gang Unit served a search warrant at the next door neighbors house and seized several marijuana plants.

BCSO Facebook 7-13-19
BCSO Facebook 7-13-19

The property owner couldn’t be located so charges will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office. Despite the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in Washington State. Marijuana can’t be manufactured without the proper permits/licenses. In Benton County marijuana can’t be grown where it can be seen or smelled by neighbors. If you have questions about growing Medical Marijuana call our office and we would be happy to explain the state and county codes.

OMG, that is an illegal marijuana grow! Quick! Press charges!

The Sanctimonious Bunch Rides Again.

I'd be happy to explain to the cops the common sense code that it's WEED. Weeds grow everywhere and no matter how hard you try to wipe them out, they just keep coming back, don't they? Catching the warm smell of colitas drift?

The comments that follow on the BCSO facebook page are for the most part, quite critical of the whole situation.

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