Cougar(s) in Badger Mountain Area?

Southern Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Getty Images - Robert King

This cold and harsh winter has brought a mountain lion to the hills of Tri-Cities!

According to reports a cougar was seen in the hills around Badger Mountain. So be careful out there while you’re hiking in those hills and don’t let your dog, if you bring one, range too far away from you. Just be cautious there might be a cougar in the Tri-Cities hills area.

Cougars hunt for small animals like rabbits which we have an abundance of in the Badger Mountain area. They also go after coyotes which also are in abundance in that area. So the Badger Hills are the prime hunting area for cougars.

If you do happen upon a cougar, make yourself as large as possible, but  do not approach it. Make loud noises and yell to scare it away, act like a predator yourself and slowly put distance between you and the animal and don’t turn your back on it. They shouldn’t attack unless they are provoked. They shouldn’t even approach you but there are always people who aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer and will try to fight it or agitate it.

If you are attacked protect your neck and throat. So be careful out there hiking and make sure you follow these simple instructions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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