Paul Wulff in a Tuesday press conference said he did nothing wrong. He blamed injuries for the worst four-year record in Pac-12 or Washington State University history.

“The great thing about Washington State University and being a Cougar is that we don’t do it like everybody else. We stick together and we don’t beat our own. The innocence of Wazzu was lost today,” he said in a dig to Athletic Director Bill Moos.

Moos announced an hour before that he was cancelling Wulff's head football coaching contract a year early.

A reporter asked Wulff to explain his words, and the former coach
and Cougar player said that when schools only care about winning they never succeed.

“They never draw the line and grow. I don’t want that for my
school,” he said.

Without the team injuries, Wulf said the
team could have had six or seven wins, in contrast to the four he earned after
losing the Apple Cup on Saturday.

The former coach emphasized again and again that the coming
years are going to see great success because of his efforts.

He said his replacement will be “fortunate to walk into this
situation” and predicted the team will see eight or nine wins next year.

“We took the hand that was dealt, shuffled it around,
cleaned it up and it’s a pretty good hand right now,” Wulff said.

No coach, not even the legendary Vince Lombardi, can win
without seniors, he said. Next year’s seniors will accomplish great things, and
Wulff said he hopes people will credit his staff.

Wulff said he had no regrets and would have done nothing

When asked if he’d consider returning someday under
different circumstances, he said he would if guaranteed a full five years.

At that point the former coach was cut off by a school
official standing to the side and the press conference ended.

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