A Richland woman and her boyfriend are being held on bail for suspicion of masterminding a plot to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband, but the crazy details are just getting released. According to reports, Heather Walbridge, 33, and John A. Feher, 49 tried to hire a hit man who was actually an undercover police officer and were arrested on March 19th. Now the details about what lead to the attempted attack are being released.

It turns out that Heather Walbridge had accused her ex-husband, Benjamin Walbridge, of molesting their daughter and had an investigation launched against him months before the arrests. After the girl had been interviewed, the Sheriffs Office decided to drop the investigation and close the case for lack of evidence.

Before that in October of 2014, she filed another order for protection after accusing Benjamin of grabbing and pushing her during an argument. She said that he threatened to kill her and take their daughter overseas according to court documents. Benjamin Walbridge was ordered to stay away from them both for a year and never violated that order. After the order expired, the couple worked out a parenting plan with Heather having majority custody.

Benjamin Walbridge has yet to comment on the plot to take his life.