Talk about a double whammy.

Loren Culp, a man now officially kicked when he's already down, lost his gubernatorial bid, badly, bigly, whatever, to Jay Inslee, even though he refuses to concede the race because of alleged voting and ballot "irregularities" his people are looking into, and it has come to his attention the city council in Republic, WA, where Culp is the police chief and sole law enforcement officer in the town of around 1,000, has lost his job as well, because, you know, defunding the police.

Culp for Governor Facebook
Culp for Governor Facebook

On the Republic City Council's website, it shows the council on Oct. 30 approved a law enforcement services agreement between the city of Republic and Ferry County, the county Republic is in. The motion passed with three in favor and one against. The meeting minutes did not have additional details about the agreement.

Culp in the video called it "unthinkable" that the city would no longer have its own police department. Culp had served as a police officer for 10 years and the police chief for the past four years, he said.

"So yea, not even a letter of thank you, not a plaque for 10 years of service, not, 'Hey Loren, thanks but we don't need you anymore,'" he said. "They just voted to defund the police department and away with that went my job."

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He urged people to contact the city's council members to voice their opinions on the decision. "Seems kind of backhanded. Feels like a knife in the back," Culp said. "But, there's other things."

Culp said he had taken a leave of absence from his role as police chief over the past several months while he campaigned for governor.

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