What I didn't get to here's the 8 randoms of the day.....


1. A recent weather pattern over Washington state looked like we were about to be consumed by a dragon

2. A flight carrying 85 Norwegian plumbers to Germany had to turn around due to a broken toilet on the plane. Clogged with irony?


3. Richland police say a Rite Aid employee conspired with her husband to rob her workplace at gunpoint.


4. Dave Grohl shows his Seattle love in a new short film unveiled at Sundance, "I wish Seattle would just take me back!"


5. Two Canadian police officers are being investigated after it was found they allegedly ate cannabis edibles, began hallucinating, and ran away after getting out of the car,all while on duty. CTV News Toronto is also reporting when a female officer responded, she slipped on ice and hit her head as she tried to help the missing officer, who they found to be up a tree.


6. Portland Trailblazers debut new flannel jerseys. Won't that be hot, I mean temperature toasty?


7. "Freezy Freezy" is how Rob Gronkowski describes Minnesota outside Super Bowl 52. He doesn't know how to pronounce "Minneapolis"?

8. A 13-year-old West Richland boy is in custody for threats to kill and harassment after reports that he was planning a school shooting at Enterprise Middle School.


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