A little girl in Seattle started feeding the crows in her backyard. Soon she had a whole flock of them (which I believe is called a murder of crows) and they even leave her shiny gifts! But the neighborhood is FURIOUS!

Crows are really smart. Crazy smart. And they make friends and enemies with humans. When a little Seattle girl started leaving them food scraps the crows liked it, and her. They began bringing her little shiny things as gifts, like an earring or a shiny pebble. A big news organization did a national story about the cute little girl and her flying friends and the story went viral! International viral!

Only the stories left out one little fact. Her neighbors HATE HER! They've all signed a petition to make her stop!

See, crows are kind of annoying. They pick at your garden, they pick at your flowers, they squawk early in the morning and late at night. They poop over everything. And if you're not nice and they become your enemy... well, good luck.

Not only that but the food scraps attracted the attention of OTHER scavengers. Now pigeons are coming... and some neighbors accuse her of attracting rats.

Some neighbors say their backyards are so covered with bird poop they can no longer enjoy them. Grandkids can't play in the grass. The lawn furniture is always desecrated.

What do YOU think?