Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan started his musical journey when he was just a teenager. He told The Pulse Of Radio that one of the most important Christmas gifts was his very first guitar.

My first electric guitar, it was like from Sears — it was a [Gibson] SG copy, and my parents just didn't really seem too supportive of it in the beginning, because they figured it's either gonna sit in the closet and collect dust, or 'he's gonna play it and it's gonna be loud and annoying'. It was kind of a difficult thing to convince them that I was gonna be serious about it, and I wanted this. And I still have it — it's in pieces, but I still have the body of it.

Disturbed decided earlier this year to go on an open-ended hiatus following their touring cycle behind their last new album, "Asylum". The band released a collection of B-sides and rarities, titled "The Lost Children", last month.

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