Apparently Prince is still making new music? More importantly, the musician has a good sense of humor about himself. Prince released the cover art for his new song 'Breakfast Can Wait' which features comedian Dave Chappelle dressed up as Prince from a parody sketch on his Comedy Central show, Chappelle Show.

If you missed it, you can see the parody sketches below where Eddie Murphy's brother, Charlie Murphy, tells his own True Hollywood Stories. One of the classic stories brought to light the numerous encounters Charlie had with the 1980s music icon Rick James. The other was about Charlie's night hanging out with Prince and The Revolution.

The story begins at a nightclub before moving back to Prince's house where Charlie and his crew are challenged and schooled by Prince and his crew in a pick up game of basketball. After the game, Prince went to the kitchen and cooked everyone pancakes. Totally hilarious and completely random, but who could make that kind of stuff up?

Since the song talks about breakfast and Chappelle's version of Prince serves up some pancakes, it only seems perfect to use the image, right? Take a listen below to a snippet from Prince's 'Breakfast Can Wait'.

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