Musical talent runs deep in the Draiman family tree. While most rock fans are familiar with David Draiman's work as the frontman for Disturbed and Device, his younger brother Ben is also a talented musician and songwriter. Ben recently paid homage to his brother with a recording of his version of the Disturbed song ‘Stricken.’ Check it out above.

Ben Draiman, who has been a pianist and singer-songwriter since age 13, offers up a unique interpretation on the song that doesn’t sound much like the original uptempo version. Breathing fresh air into ‘Stricken’ with piano and a softer touch, the results are a melodic ballad showing off the dynamic nature of the tune.

“The personal nature of my songwriting is something that at this stage distinguishes me from others,” explains Draiman regarding his approach to music. “It all depends on the place from where the music comes from, and for me, it’s still utterly pure - I have no audience in mind and no market in mind."

He continues, saying, "It’s a personal therapeutic experience for me and ultimately, I think that’s what people can relate to. You don’t need to be the best singer or piano player, but when you give something else, when you mean every word of what you sing, that can be even more important.”

For music fans interested in hearing more, Ben Draiman released an EP in October of 2012 titled ‘The Past is Not Far Behind.’ Visit his official website for more details.

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