David Draiman of Disturbed is definitely NOT down with the NFL's lack of rock sickness.

Once again, the Super Bowl Halftime Show will not feature a rock band in 2020. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform next year, celebrating the Hispanic heritage of Miami, where Super Bowl LIV will be held.

The sound of rock silence is deafening. Welcome to his land of confusion.

It's madness, he thinks, stufpifying, dare I say, that hard rock fans have been more than ignored, they are now being insulted with the lack of representation from the genre.

Disturbed shared a recent Billboard poll asking who should sing the National Anthem before the 2020 Super Bowl. There is not a single voice even to close to rock on the list, but Disturbed have encouraged fans to type Draiman’s name into the poll at the bottom where there is a slot for "other". A hard rock or metal vocalist has never sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. I guess you could count Billy Joel (or not), he's done it twice, in 1989 and 2007.

So Draimen says no more, nothing is indestructible, and the vengeful one thinks he has a prayer of attaining his lifelong dream since he was but a wee lad: Sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. He's asking for at least 10,000 fists to grab a pen or go to a keyboard and help him.

“I’ve dreamt of doing it my entire life. Been rehearsing it since I was a little boy,” Draiman told Loudwire.com. “I love my country, and I would be honored beyond words to have the opportunity to try and inspire, strengthen, and give hope, at a time when we need those things more than ever. Plus...it would be nice to have rock represented on SOME level at the Super Bowl, and to prove to everyone that there ARE rock singers out there who can do the anthem as much justice as ANY pop artists out there, and even possibly take it higher.”

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