Device are getting closer to the release of their self-titled debut, and to whet your appetite just a little bit more, the band has issued a new album trailer in support of the disc.

In it, the band's current single 'Vilify' and clips of the song's video play throughout, with frontman David Draiman occasionally interjecting with this thoughts on the band and what they represent.

Draiman explains, "Device implies intelligent design. It implies the utilization of technology and it implies explosive content. I figured it was the perfect name for what this project is and what it represents."

Speaking about the sound and direction of the band's debut effort, Draiman added, "Device is definitely it's own thing. It gleans inspiration from old school industrial, big anthemic rock in general, but it is a futuristic form of rock. I don't think it really could be compared too closely to anything else."

Watch the trailer in full below and circle April 9 on your calendar as the date to pick up Device's self-titled debut disc.

Watch Device's Self-Titled Album Trailer