Back in April of 2017, Disturbed vocalist David Draiman suggested that the band would be working on some acoustic material for a new EP. The group recently returned to the studio, and by checking out their recent studio video teaser, it does indeed look like they are recording acoustic material.

The latest clip, seen above, comes from day one of recording in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko. In the video, there are clips of acoustic guitar playing, Mike Wengren testing out brushes and a lighter thump on his drum kit and Draiman commenting, "I think this should be a little bit different than it was last time because we're coming in a little bit more naked so to speak."

Speaking about the acoustic material plans last year, the vocalist stated, "We haven't really set a timeframe in stone. We'd like to kind of have as much time as we need to get it to the point that we're as confident in it as we can possibly be, that we see the songs through to their fruition. And the answer to your question, yes, there will be new original material — original acoustic pieces — as well as acoustic versions of existing songs within the catalog."

The video concludes with Draiman, shot from behind, about to lay down vocals and remarking, "It's a big departure, but it's a gargantuan hook. I think this is gonna kill me."

The band has also announced a pair of July festival appearances. See where they're playing here.

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