Which NFL team has the most influential fans?

I was reading an article by www.nationalfootballpost.com writer Joe Fortenbaugh this morning. He examined a study on the effect of the home crowd in relation to the point spread for the NFL seasons since 2008. Basically, which NFL teams home crowd had the greatest impact on points scored over the spread. To do that, you need to compair each teams record of the point spread for both home and away games. Some teams it showed almost no difference in performance, like the Patriots who performed almost as good away as at home.

The research showed that one team had the greatest advantage at home since 2008, the Seattle Seahawks. Joe points out that at away games, the Seawhawks score on average 7.9 less points then the spread. They score an average of 4.5 points more then the spread at home, which doesn't look that good unless you look at the big picture. The difference between the home and away points scored is a staggering +12.5 points better then the spread.

Anyone that has has gone to a Seahawks home game will probably say it was the loudest stadium they have ever been to. It is the only place I have been where people were yelling in my ear and I could not hear them at all.

Next Saturday the Seahawks take on the number one rated Denver Broncos at home for the second game of the pre-season. I said it once and I'll say it again, do not bet against the Hawks at home!