Steve Lee.

Green2Go guy, Kennewick City Council fella, Spoon man.

Not Soundgarden's "Spoonman," but Spoon, Cereal Bar, man.

Of course the weed dude is going to open and co-own a 24-hour cereal bar, called Spoon in the Richland Uptown Shopping Center, eastern Washington's first self-serve cereal restaurant, which will feature over 100 different types of cereals and toppings from across the country and hopefully soon from around the world, dispensed from containers attached to the wall. And it will be open 24 hours a day, because you never know what frame of mind you'll be in to possibly taste the best bowl of cereal you've ever had in your life.

Spoon Cereal Bar
Spoon Cereal Bar

Something for everyone at any hour.

Lee said, "We were thinking about what's a concept we can bring to town that would be fun, that would serve families with young kids, and at the same time a bar crowd." He continued, "We can see a mom and two kids walk out for 10 bucks and have everyone had gotten something to eat. On the other end, you can see situations where someone can get extra toppings, extra drizzles, extra everything, and you can see someone spend $15-20 on a giant bowl of cereal." 

Bowl prices will range from $3 to $5 and get more expensive the more Trix you turn. Spoon will feature rotating seasonal and limited-edition flavors. The cereal bar will also showcase 10 different milk and milk alternative options. Spoon's plan is to be open in time for the Holidays.

97 Rock has had a long running slogan that sums up our feelings about the new Spoon Cereal Bar perfectly. It states: "Ahhh, a perfect summer day....a fattie, a gallon of milk, some Cap'n Crunch and 97 Rock."

Eyes in the Aisles.

Did you know the cereal mascot characters on boxes are slightly looking down so as to capture and maximize the attention of little kids if the box is placed on a higher shelf, which of course leads to the badgering of the parents for the cereal. They put a lot of thought into knowing what the kids are gonna bug Mom and Dad about.

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