Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye?

Don't shoot until you see the whi, uh whats of their eyes?

Sclera tattooing is the procedure where somebody takes a needle or a knife and injects dye into the white part of the eye.

Improper sclera tattooing can cause retinal detachment or infection, which is a life altering blinding event and may result in removing an eye completely.

There is a bill (House Bill 1856) moving forward in Olympia that would ban that procedure -- it's a rare occurrence in Washington, and legislators want to keep it that way.

Eyeball tattoos are already banned in Oklahoma, Indiana and Ontario, Canada.

The bill would put an outright ban on the practice and provide a civil penalty of as much as $10,000 for those who give someone a scleral tattoo.

Physicians sometimes transplant sclera or graft over damaged areas, but there is no medical reason for marking or dyeing the whites of an eye a different color.

But, but, but don't I have the absolute right to be an absolute tool if I choose to do so? Slippery slope, people.

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