Bernie Sanders and even politicians in Olympia, Washington, have been proposing free community college for teens (some want free higher ed of all kinds). Here's why they think the taxpayers can afford it... and then you vote if you agree:

Free community college in Washington state is estimated to cost $100 million. Considering Olympia struggles to fund primary education, that seems ludicrous, right? But consider how the money saved on tuition would be recirculated into the economy and the increased earning power young people would have in 5-10 years. Also consider how many companies would move here to hire those skilled workers. Advocates say it's an investment that would pay off within a decade, bringing in far more than $100 million.

But would more people sign up for school, or the ones going just stop paying? And would more community college really mean more skilled workers? Welders are in high demand. People who write well are dime a dozen (believe you me). And if more people did attend, would it dilute the quality of the learning with larger class sizes, swamped teachers, overwhelmed campuses with insufficient parking and services, and less-committed students who didn't sacrifice to attend?