Sausage Fest (at Christ the King School in Richland) is tonight and tomorrow. With beer, brats and games, it's one of the best parties in the Tri-Cities. Here are my three favorite reasons to go:


  • 1

    The Mingling

    If you hang out long enough during the 36-hour festival you're likely to see absolutely everyone you know coming through. It's packed. I love catching up with people. Nothing says, "I haven't seen you in years but I still love you" like sharing a chicken dance.

  • 2

    The Contests

    A long time ago I made myself a rubber stamp with my name, address and phone number. Now I carry it with me at the fair and local festivals. Whenever someone wants me to give my name and perts for a contest I pull out my rubber stamp! Silent Auctions? Just try to bid faster than me for that cross-stitched Santa Claus in a ceramic sleigh.

  • 3

    The Games of Chance

    After all these years it still doesn't feel right taking a prize from a little kid even if I did give them all my money. But that doesn't stop me from playing the games of chance. Goldfish beware -- I'm bringing a tall stack of one dollar bills.

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