Today I witnessed the best way to fold clothes for a carry-on EVER! You're only going for a couple days, so you don't need a giant suitcase -- yet more than two or three pairs of clothes never fit in a carry on... UNLESS you watch this video:

Actually, the video is kind of lame (too much talking) but I've seen this method done in another video I couldn't find, so let me explain it to you:

1) lay out your clothes in a cross or "x" with the chest of shirts and the butt of pants at the center of the axis.

2) place socks and small items in the center of the axis.

3) once ALL your clothes are part of this "X", begin wrapping the socks and other middle items up with the next biggest item of clothing on top of the pile. "Swaddle" the socks with the shirt on top.

4) now that you've got a little bundle, "swaddle" THAT bundle with the next shirt or pants on top.

5) if you do it right, each shirt or pants that are now on top are in a different arm of your "X" so you're spiraling down through your pile of clothes with the bundle in the middle getting bigger and bigger.

6) at the end you should have a basketball-sized bundle of clothing wrapped in a spiral of shirts and pants. Place that in your carry-on and zip the top!