We won't insult your intelligence with a you-must-not-do-this disclaimer, nor somewhere in the presentation throw in a DO NOT ATTEMPT flag, we just offer you this video evidence of a drinking game that we pray is never even discussed as a possibility to get your jollies.

Six lads, "Hooray Henrys," are celebrating at a Scottish wedding, standing around a circular table that has glasses of water and shots of Sambuca, which is, if you're not a connoisseur, a liqueur, and quite flammable.

YouTube - Hooray Henrys
YouTube - Hooray Henrys
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The "game" goes like this: You put Sambuca on your hair, light your own dome on fire, then do a shot, and THEN, finally, you lean over and pass the flame from your hair to the hair of the idiot next to you. Once you've accomplished that, you get to grab a glass of water and douse out your own hairferno. Everyone with common sense is warning against doing this including, but not limited to, the alcohol awareness foundation "Drink Aware." They're calling the game "extremely dangerous." Ya think?

See for yourself:

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