Kids are out of school this Friday, but don't start ignoring the flashing yellow school zone lights thinking it's summer and they forgot to re-set the things.

There are more than 25 specific school zones in Kennewick alone, and officers are increasing their awareness. Drivers should be aware fines for speeding in school zones are about double and there is no chance to reduce the fine. Even the judge's hands are tied on this. You ain't getting out of paying a FULL school zone infraction fine.

AND they still cost twice as much no matter when school is in session -- and since it's impossible for drivers to know exactly when summer classes, camps, and sports are going on without the signal, just heed the flashing yellow lights every time they're activated.


YouTube - 3D Crosswalk
YouTube - 3D Crosswalk

What a tremendous idea from two 10-year old girls in Massachusetts who grew weary of drivers going way too fast in school zones. So they decided to do something about it. And it's amazing what a little paint can do. They researched their project and formally presented it to the school board, and the board acted. Remember, the girl in this video is TEN.

How many Tri-City area instances INSTANTLY come to mind when this concept is applied to local school zone driver squirreliness?

I'll start -- the corridor between Carmichael and Richland High. Crazy people halfway pulled over to the side, but in the middle of the crosswalk so their kid can get out and immediately walk across the street while everyone waits. Sorry, off topic, I suppose 3D paint wouldn't mean a thing to these people. Apologies, had to vent.

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