Soulfly, the brain child of Sepultura mainman Max Cavelera, not only will be hitting the road soon with Five Finger Death Punch and is preparing to release their new album 'Enslaved' on March 13th. Today is your last day to download their new song 'World Scum' for free!

Head over to Soulfly's Facebook page to download the new song now!

Soulfly's lineup took a slight makeover and now includes bassist Tony Campos, formerly of Static-X, and drummer David Kinkade, formerly of Borknagar, alongside frontman Max Cavalera and guitarist Marc Rizzo.

Catch Soulfly at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland on March 29th and then they will join back up with Five Finger Death Punch for shows in Yakima March 30th and Seattle March 31st.

Congratulations to our winners who scored free tickets to the show March 30th in Yakima!