Dr. Phil is one of the most dramatic talk shows on television, and it's about to get a hair metal twist. On an episode airing today (Jan. 27), viewers will meet a woman who thinks she's engaged to Bret Michaels and also tight with Nikki Sixx — and that the two are fighting over her.

"My relationship with Nikki Sixx is a solid, good friendship," declared Tina, the subject of the episode. "And we have great communication between each other."

According to the preview of the episode, a woman named Vivian is confident that Tina is essentially being catfished by someone who is pretending to be the Motley Crue bassist. He's never wanted to meet her in person and will not have any kind of virtual meeting with her to prove their identity.

"We speak eight to 10 times in a day, mainly through text," Tina continued about her channel of communication with who she believes is Sixx. "He can't talk on the phone because his management won't allow it."

Apparently, Sixx did send her a photo holding his drivers license, and Tina said they video chatted very briefly, but she couldn't understand what he was saying because they were having problems with the audio during the call.

But it gets worse.

"Vivian [Tina's Friend] says Tina is also being conned and catfished by an imposter posing as Bret Michaels," Dr. Phil added. "Yes, that's right — Tina believes that not one, but two famous rock stars are actually fighting over her. Tina claims she is not only in a committed romantic relationship with superstar Bret Michaels, they are also engaged."

"I love Bret Michaels and he loves me," Tina says smiling. "Because I am a larger woman, [Vivian] feels that I am not the typical rock star girlfriend-type."

The "Michaels" imposter told Tina he was falling in love with her after three weeks of exchanging text messages. They eventually took an oath over the Bible that they would "be devoted to each other," and the supposed-Poison frontman proposed.

"I said yes!" Tina says excitedly.

But like the faux Sixx, the faux Michaels doesn't ever make the effort to see Tina or video chat with her. The person always makes excuses for not being able to talk on the phone, and tells her that his management "pretty much controls him," so he can't communicate with her outside of text messaging.

"When Nikki found out I was talking to Bret, he was not happy," Tina admitted. "Both of them didn't want me talking to either one of them."

During the episode, the real Sixx will actually address Tina face-to-face, and the real Michaels will send her an actual video of himself. See the full video description here, and check to see when the episode is airing in your area at this location.

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