I feel the need, the need, for speed.

Benton County Sheriff's Office

Maybe it was a Hanford worker who forget he had a glass log in the oven, or possibly something vitrification related, I don't know, but the Benton County Sheriff's Office released information regarding a stop where an officer clocked and pulled over a dude going 132 MPH.

If it is a Hanford employee, what potential consequences might there be? It could be high time to check the company handbook about jeopardy possibilities.

One witness said the vehicle was recklessly weaving in and out of traffic (doing 132 mph, ya think?), before finally being stopped. This could have turned out much more serious as visibility all around our area has been quite limited due to the smoke.


Deputies working the Hanford site stopped the pictured vehicle for reckless driving as it was clocked on a Laser Speed Measuring Device (commonly called a LIDAR) at 132 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. The driver was arrested and his vehicle was impounded.

So here is this fella, I can imagine him feeling pretty proud of himself blasting past a line of cars, showing off his power, speed and obvious small genitalia overcompensation, but what do you do when you come upon a potential wildlife-in-the-road-situation. Very, very scary.


Later in the comment thread on the Benton County WA Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher's Facbook page, someone pointed out they had just seen this very same vehicle, doing mostly the same thing, just a day after getting out of jail and liberating the performance ride out of the impound yard.

To be continued?