This Washington State Patrol Trooper's near miss highlights the importance of the Move Over Law!

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Recent WSP Accident Highlight Move Over & Slow Down Law

In a recent accident last Saturday in the westbound lanes of WA-512, a Washington State Patrol Trooper's vehicle was struck due to a driver's failure to #MoveOverAndSlowDown. The consequences of disregarding this law can be very serious, including the possible loss of life. This recent incident serves as another important reminder to obey the Move Over law in Washington state.

The Move Over law, outlined in Revised Code of Washington 46.61.212 if you need to review, requires drivers to take specific actions when approaching emergency or work zones. On highways with four or more lanes, drivers must change lanes or move away from the occupied lane or shoulder according to the law. On highways with fewer lanes, drivers must proceed cautiously by reducing their speed and yielding the right-of-way to emergency or work vehicles by passing to the left at a safe distance if possible.

If you're not sure, emergency vehicles would include fire departments, police departments, ambulance services, and other work vehicles. Work vehicles you might see include a wide variety of vehicles, including tow trucks, highway maintenance equipment, and roadside assistance vehicles.


What Happens if You Do Not Comply?

Failure to obey the Move Over law not only risks stiff legal consequences but also endangers the lives of emergency responders and roadside workers. Tragically, reckless behavior on the road has led to fatalities and severe injuries to road crews, showing the critical importance of driving responsibility. Safe driving practices contribute to overall road safety for everyone. Minimizing distractions, adhering to speed limits, and maintaining awareness of road conditions are important parts of responsible driving. Exercising caution in bad weather conditions also prevents accidents and protects lives.

The Move Over law is not only a legal requirement but an important tool to ensure the safety of all drivers on Washington's roads. By respecting and obeying the Move Over law in Washington State, drivers show they prioritize safety and uphold the integrity of Washington State's roadways. Remember, road crews have families too. Try and think how you would react as if it was your own family working when you pass by.

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