Want to get drunk and sober up in a matter of moments — no puking, no hangover, no beer goggled hook ups? Turns out you can do just that with an instantly intoxicating spray that mimics the effects of alcohol. It’s short term, though.

Say you need a quick fix or a mini-buzz in the middle of the work day. Skip over the expensive drinks and instead spray some WA|HH Quantum Sensations down your throat and BAM! you’re buzzed. The spray retails for $26, it was created by French American scientist David Edwards and it made its debut in Paris. The concoction’s availability in America is TBD as of right now.

Even better, you are supposedly able to pass a breathalyzer after using it, so the boss will never know. Neither will the cops, if you choose to drive and spray. We don’t recommend that, though. Friends don’t let friends drive and spray. You also won’t have to stuff your mouth with Listerine strips to mask the smell of the libations you consumed at lunch. Unless your breath always stinks, and in that case, chew on the whole pack.

The average person needs to consume a thousand sprays in order to equal the effect of downing one regular alcoholic beverage. That sounds like a lot of work, though. More work than you do in the average day.

Edwards has also invented sprays where you can enjoy the succulent taste of foods and other drinks, like chocolate and coffee, without ever consuming them. Those are probably a real hit with the bulimics.