The Cadger Chritsmas Light Show consists of 35,000 flickering LED lights synced with thumping dubstep beats and excerpts from one of the greatest Christmas movies ever  'National Lampoons Christmas Vacation".

There have been lots of other cool Christmas light displays in years past, like the Machine Head light display earlier this year and the Slayer light display last year, but the Cadgers just take this whole thing to a different level.

Kevin's mom yelling from 'Home Alone', along with clips from 'A Christmas Story' and 'Christmas Vacation', all put it to a dusbtepped THX

Simply dubbed 'Dubstep Christmas House', the Cadger's display features one of the biggest names in Dubstep, Skrillex and his song 'First of the Year'. Skrillex was featured on a couple of songs from Korn's new album 'The Path of Totality' including 'Get Up!', one of the biggest songs of 2011.

The next video features one of the greatest moments in all of cinema. You know when Clark Griswald finally plugs in the"250 straaands of lights' on 'Christmas Vacation'...and nothing. Happens. Well this house actually 'fires up, dad!'

Another holiday movie favorite is 'Home Alone'. In this clip the theme song from the movie is remixed into another wobbled out beat.

A quick break from the fast paced beats and get a little more traditional with a rendition of 'Amazing Grace'...but that's just for a moment, it picks back up again for some fist pumpin'.

This is definitely my favorite of all of the clips. Dubstep 'The Nutcracker' , suckah.

The original Christmas Music/Light Show video was uploaded back in 2005 and set the precedent for christmas light displays. It includes the one song that you have to do if you have a light display of this magnitude. This clip features the highly recognizable song 'Wizards in Winter' from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.