There's something about the right cup of coffee. Sure, you can make it at home just fine. I love hearing Mother Earth scream every time I pop a K-Pod into my Keurig machine but a $5 cup of coffee tastes better, and so does treating yourself.

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California is envious of one of Oregon and Washington's favorite coffee shops.

Life isn't as sunny as you think it is for Californians. Sure, they have the warmer beaches, Disneyland, and In-N-Out; but the grass ain't always greener on the other side. The coffee may taste better on your side, too. So what does California want?

Dutch Bros, baby!

Dutch Bros was started in Oregon and since 1992, they've opened over 500 stores in 11 states. While Washington and Oregon have plenty, California has only begun to open locations and they don't seem to have many in their bigger metros. I have a friend from San Diego who says he doesn't know anyone "back home" that's ever seen a Dutch Bros, saying "they're all Inland in places like Bakersfield."

How many Dutch Bros locations are in California?

There are 27 Dutch Bros locations in California, and while that may seem like a lot, California's population is nearly 40 million people. That's one Dutch Bros location for every 1.5 million people. Considering Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have a combined zero locations, that's quite the drive for some Dutch Mafia madness.

Wanna make a deal, Cali? We'll trade you 10 Dutch Bros locations for 30 In-N-Out burger joints. I think that's a pretty fair deal considering the market right now.

The 11 Deadliest Serial Killers in Washington State's Bloody History

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As Tri-Cities keeps growing, we've seen more fast-food chains bring their food into our community. But we'd be lying if we said we didn't want a few more to set up shop down the street. Chicken sandwiches, sliders, deep-dish pizza; we'll take it all. These are the regional joints we can't wait to welcome with open mouths.

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Who knew Washington state was home to so many celebrities? So many, in fact, that it was really hard to pick who made the list. There were so many athletes and musicians to choose from that we started to look in other directions. We did have one rule, however. There are no serial killers or career criminals on this list. I would like to thank Jeff Deminski from New Jersey for this wonderful idea.

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