Holidays have always been a big deal in my house but since all of my kids are grown and gone things have been a bit more laid back and quite a bit more quiet. However, my kids are having kids and so the crazy holidays are back on and this years Easter Sunday did not disappoint!

When I say kids having kids what I meant to say was, my adult son has just one kid. Therefore I am a grandma (or Gammy in my case) to one spunky little three year old and she is just a tad bit spoiled! But a good spoiled, if there is such a thing! There were eight adults (all my immediate family members) and one three year old, so that means there were just shy of a million Easter eggs hidden and four Easter baskets to tear through. By the time my grand baby (Nevaeh) was done finding all the eggs she was ready for a nap, even though there was no way on earth would she have taken a nap today!

As much fun as the baby had I am pretty certain the adults enjoyed it much more. The high-pitched squealing we all took turns doing, trying to get her to find the egg that we discovered (possibly because we were the ones who hid it and knew where to find it) went on for a good hour. Because everyone ended up assembling their own basket and having them laid out for her, I decided to hide my entire basket in a tree. Then it was her turn to do the squealing and I took pictures. This year we did not prepare a large feast and it is probably just the same, considering she had a belly full of chocolate bunnies, colorful jelly beans and anything else packed with sugar. I decided a long time ago it's a losing battle to try to monitor the sugar intake on holidays, we all gave in this year too.

It's been a crazy past year and it was just such a joy to have the family together and watch a three year old remind us how simple life can be. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and I hope the people in your life brought as much joy to you as they did to me!