Eclectic Approach Jimmy Kimmel LIVE Nameplate

I remember going to a house party out in West Richland when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school where I was first introduced to this rad band known as Eclectic Approach. Not only were they rockin' out poolside, but they had a unique, fun, and legitimately good sound, but they were all in high school too.

I've watched them perform numerous times throughout the last decade or so in the Tri-Cities. Seen the inevitable line up changes and a progression to their sound, but now the guys in Eclectic Approach are starting to reep the rewards for their continued hard work in the music business.

This Monday, October 1st you can catch EA performing on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! on ABC.

Yesterday the band, which in recent years has been based out of Seattle, was in Los Angeles to record their performance for the late night talk show. It's awesome to see a group of great guys from your hometown make it onto a national stage and will be heard and seen by millions around the world. You know Kimmel  Congratulations fellas, lookin' forward to the show on Monday night! I've already got the DVR set.

Also, you can catch EA playing at 97 Rocktoberfest on October 6th at the TRAC in Pasco! Fresh off their performance on national television, you can catch the guys sharing the stage with 3rd Date, Nasty Jack, and Hell's Belles! Get your tickets online or at the TRAC box office.

Check out what EA Founders Jowed Hadeed and Ryan Jander had to say about the experience:

Eclectic Approach Jowed Hadeed Facebook post about Jimmy Kimmel LIVE performance

Eclectic Approach Ryan Jander Facebook post about Jimmy Kimmel LIVE performance

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