A report from TMZ says that Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen is resting at home after spending several days in the hospital due to complications from his treatment for cancer.

According to sources close to the iconic axe slinger, Eddie was admitted to the hospital last week with abdominal pain and intestinal issues. Both issues were reportedly a bad reaction to the drugs that Eddie has been taking to battle throat cancer. The one-of-a-kind rock influencer was released from the hospital on Sunday (November 17th).

It was reported by TMZ last month that Eddie has been traveling between the U.S. and Germany for several years now to get treatment for throat cancer. The guitarist had one-third of his tongue removed in 2000 due to the same ailment. The disease is said to be "in check" for now, and that Eddie "seems to be doing okay -- at least on the surface."

Reps for Van Halen have not issued any official comments on the matter. Eddie, who does not appear often in public, has been photographed recently at a car dealership in Beverly Hills, a Tool concert in Los Angeles and a spinal neurosurgeon's office.

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