There are just some Eighties rock/hair metal song that you will never here. Or maybe you have never heard them Some are just to cheesy to remember.  The first time are heard this song was from a 'Exotic Dancer' that I was DJ'ing for in the early 90's. She was as crazy as the song and she always waited until the last song to take her clothes off but it worked. She made bank 'Stripping'. She handed me the Sleeze Beeze cd to play. So I did and loved it ever since. Crazy strippers.

They music is amazing and a perfect acoustic guitar riff in this tune.

Band members

      Andrew Elt - vocals, guitar, harmonica (1988-1996, 2010–present)

      Chriz Van Jaarsveld - guitar, backing vocals (1987-1996, 2010–present)

       Don Van Spall - guitar, backing vocals (1987-1996, 2010–present)

        Ed Jongsma - bass guitar, backing vocals (1987-1996, 2010–present)

       Jan Koster - drums, backing vocals (1987-1996, 2010–present)

Past members

  • Tigo "Tiger" Fawzi - vocals (1987-1988)
  • Thijs Hamelaers - vocals (1988)

My eighties band pick for today is Sleeze Beeze and 'Stranger in Paradise'