You may not know that one of the most unique ice-cream shops in Washington State is hidden just off the freeway in Ellensberg? I drive through there all the time and had never stopped. This place looks amazing.


Winegar's Coffee and Creamery has been in business since 1956 when it started out as a small dairy. Now they are home to some of the most unique flavors of Ice-cream in all of Washington State. Just look at all the different flavors they offer that are listed on their website.

  • Ashley's Coconuttery Swirl - Coconut ice cream with brownies and a caramel swirl. 
  • Aubrey's Peanut Butter Cup - Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and a peanut butter swirl. 
  • Banana Cream Pie - Banana custard ice cream with pie crust pieces. 
  • Chocolate Gary Dough - Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough. 
  • Coyote Cotton Candy - Cotton candy ice cream. 
  • Gary Dough - Maple ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces. 
  • Grandma Sarah's Cookie - Vanilla ice cream with cookie pieces. 
  • Holstein Thunder - Chocolate ice cream. 
  • Grandpa Don's Root Beer Float - Vanilla ice cream with a root beer wave 
  • Jacob's Caramel Brownie - Chocolate ice cream with brownies and a caramel swirl. 
  • Kevinlicious - Amaretto ice cream with black cherries and chocolate chips. 
  • Kookie Kayla - Peanut butter ice cream with a sea salt cookie fudge swirl. 
  • Kori's Coffee - Coffee ice cream. 
  • Kurtis Mint Fudge Cookie - Crème de menthe ice cream with cookie pieces and a fudge swirl. 
  • Mt. Stuart Vanilla - Vanilla ice cream. 
  • Riegel Royale - Chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl. 
  • Sax's Salted Caramel - Vanilla bean ice cream with a salted caramel swirl. 
  • Taneum Meadows Blueberry Cheesecake - Cheesecake ice cream with a blueberry swirl. 
  • VickieBerry - Huckleberry ice cream with a huckleberry swirl. 
  • Wildcat Chocomint - Crème de menthe ice cream with chocolate chips. 
  • Lavender Salted Caramel - Lavender ice cream with a salted caramel swirl 
  • Redneck Raspberry - Vanilla ice cream with a raspberry swirl and Chocolate covered peanuts 
  • Rocky Rodeo - Chocolate Ice cream with Chocolate covered almonds, Marshmallows, and Marshmallow swirl 
  • Jaggy Oats - Oatmeal Raisin cookie dough ice cream

There are so many different flavors I want to try, I am going to have to make multiple trips I think. The flavors that stand out to me right away are VickieBerry, Kookie Kayla, and Redneck Raspberry! Chocolate Gary Dough looks pretty good also, maybe on trip number 2.

So how do they come up with all these crazy creative names for their ice cream? They pride themselves on creating ice cream that ties into the area they are from. They explain on their website.

"Take Rocky Rodeo for example. This chocolate ice cream with fudge bits, marshmallow, and marshmallow swirl pays tribute to The Ellensburg Rodeo. The Winegar’s know, our ice cream is unique and we’re proud to have our family name on all the ice cream!”


They have lots more to offer besides unique ice-cream flavors. They are also a coffee shop that has been serving coffee since the 1990's. They pride themselves as doing things the "Winegar's Way" for years, but what exactly is the "Winegar's Way"?

"The Winegar's Way is always about making people happy and paying tribute to the families that mean to much to each and every one of us. This philosophy extends to the naming of ice cream flavors as well. Winegar’s ice cream was and is to this day a truly unique creation. The family thought, why not have our very own family names and local landmarks represented?! All Winegar’s Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee ice cream names have something to do with our family or the Kittitas Valley here in Washington State."


"Over the course of roughly 60 years, The Winegar's Dairy transformed from The little dairy on the countryside of West 15th to Winegar’s Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee A taste of home, one lick at a time/one sip at a time! We hope that our continued pursuit of distinct ice cream and coffee flavors, done the Winegar's way, will bring a little pleasure into the lives of each and every customer we serve. Thank you for taking the time to reminisce with us!"

Make sure if you are driving through Ellensberg you stop by and try some of the most unique flavors in all of Washington State, especially if it is a hot day!

Located at both :111 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA & 1013 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA

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