Before a devastating wildfire ravaged the community of Malden, WA, back in September, you were lucky if you could get a decent cell phone signal in the middle of town, regardless of your provider. And then Mr. Musk came to town with Starlink.

Starlink is SpaceX’s broadband internet constellation that now consists of more than 600 spacecraft in low Earth orbit.

Now, thanks to a gratis donation from Space X founder Elon Musk, Malden residents are getting to tap into those groovy space satellites and are now streaming hours and hours of movies and voraciously consuming all the content they can handle thanks to the generous spiff of the Space X founder.

Washington Emergency Management Division

Critical internet first responders communications, first and foremost, is the reasoning behind Musk bringing the people of Malden brand new technology that aims to connect every corner of the planet with high-speed internet. Malden residents will be some of the very first folks to out a small white receiver that does it all.

SpaceX is nearing the start of a limited commercial service, which was promised as early as this year. Eventually, Starlink aims to provide global broadband internet access, and there are military applications as well. Amazon is also developing its own constellation called Project Kuiper.

The Starlink satellites are manufactured at the SpaceX facility in Redmond, Wash.

Washington Emergency Management tweeted that they were happy to have the support of SpaceX’s Starlink internet as first responders help residents rebuild.

Elon Musk replied back, “Glad SpaceX could help!”

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