Evanescence singer Amy Lee‘s vocal power is on full display once again in the band’s latest single, ‘Lost in Paradise,’ and it’s leaving behind a little bit of a chemtrail in the new lyric video for the song.

The clip is set against the backdrop of a starry night with a sea of tranquility below, while a bright light that seems like it could have been one of the beings from ‘Cocoon’ moves about the atmosphere leaving the lyrics of the song behind as debris.

The song itself shows Lee’s range from the intimate vocals over the piano-laden strains that begin the track to the growing string backing as the song kicks in and Amy’s heart-wrenching lyrics as she belts, “I have nothing left / And all that I feel is this cruel wanting / We’ve been falling for all this time / And now I’m lost in paradise.”

‘Lost in Paradise’ follows ‘What You Want’ and ‘My Heart Is Broken’ as the third single from the band’s self-titled third album. It’s already been a successful return for Evanescence, as the disc debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Album Chart, and singer Amy Lee was recently rewarded with a Best Vocalist trophy at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Watch Evanescence’s Lyric Video ‘Lost in Paradise’