Evanescence have never been apologetic about taking their time between discs. When their latest self-titled album was released last year in October, almost five years had passed since their previous album. With that in mind, Fuse recently caught up with Evanescence before their performance at the Beale Street Music Festival (May 4-6) in Memphis, Tenn. to ask them about it.

Even though they had been out of the spotlight for several years, their new disc still debuted in the No. 1 slot. When asked if they expected that, Amy Lee responded, “We weren’t expecting the number one. We definitely were like, it’s cool, we’ve been gone for a minute, we’re going to make the best damn album we’ve ever made and if everyone likes it great, if they don’t, that’s fine, that’s probably what’s going to happen but I definitely feel like it was received really well, it was cool coming back like that.”

Already looking ahead, Fuse asked them if the next album would take as long to make. Lee very openly explained, “I want to go ‘of course not’, because I don’t think so but I kind of feel like everybody should just get to where they can appreciate the fact that you should wait for something to be really good.” Lee went on to describe their writing process, explaining, “Inspiration has to come first. It’s art before it’s a product, I really believe in that and I think too many people are rushing and scrambling and losing money and being forced by the labels to make stuff way too fast and  just screw that noise.”  She continued, “We’re going to wait until we can make something really great and inspired, so whenever that is, that’s when it will be.”

Evanescence fans have definitely learned to be patient, knowing that good things do indeed come to those who wait.

After their recent Beale Street Music Festival performance, Evanescence prepare to head overseas for a slew of dates, check out their full tour routing here.

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