Evans Blue frontman Dan Chandler is the guest on Loudwire Radio this weekend. The singer talks to host Mike ‘Sandman’ Sanders about the band’s new album, ‘Graveyard of Empires,’ a new fan video for the single ‘This Time It’s Different’ and more. Catch Loudwire Radio for the full interview, but in the meantime, here’s a preview of the interview along with an exclusive premiere of the aforementioned fan video:

How does the songwriting process work in Evans Blue?

I write all the lyrics and melodies for the songs. There are occasions where I’ll bring an entire song to the table and the only song on this record I think I did that with was ‘Underwater’. That was a song that I had for a few years at least and just kind of brought it back out and just messed with it, see what the guys thought of it and it went over pretty good. But, typically, Parker or Vlad will send me a guitar riff and, we all have recording capabilities, so I’ll drop it into Pro Tools and I’ll arrange it to fit what I want to do vocally and send it back to everybody and everybody give their two cents and we get it exactly how we want it.

Please tell us about this new fan video for ‘This Time It’s Different’?

We did it before on the last record we did it with the song ‘Say It.’ It’s just, our fans are cool. I know most fans will say that, but, I mean, ours are just incredible, it’s not just talk. I don’t really have to say anything, you can just go to our pages or our shows and see how ridiculously passionate these people are. So, it’s cool to involve them, I mean, they’re the reason we do this and we want to include them so let them be the face of music.

What was your experience in music before Evans Blue?

I started playing in a band probably about 13 years ago and I stayed with them for about … We were called Switch Three. It started out just local here in St. Louis and we were together for a long time. We moved to San Francisco for awhile and played that scene, then we moved to LA for a couple of years and we played down there. And, I mean, we picked up management, we did alright, it just seemed like everybody was kind of, toward the end there everybody was kind of…you know, you put in that kind of time and a whole lot has been taken off and you start …everybody has different priorities, and mine was to continue. So, I just, I kept playing. I started song writing a lot and maybe looking for a publishing deal. I didn’t know that I’d be on stage again, you know, I wasn’t sure, you never really know. But after sacrificing everything it’s hard to give up on so much. So, the opportunity came my way and I put myself out there, see what they thought. I’m glad I did because it turned out to be really awesome for me.

Watch the ‘This Time It’s Different’ Fan Video