Outbreak Zombie Thrill Ride is back in Kennewick for only 3 more weekends. It's your chance to shoot live zombies with glow in the dark paintballs to prove your skillz as an expert zombie hunter.

Zombie Thrill Ride is a ride featured during Scaregrounds. The ride is a zombie hunt on a two-story battle wagon. Don't worry hunters the Zombies cannot interact with the riders, but you can inject them with our specially infused serum. The glow in the dark serum will infect the zombies and let the humans return the Tri-Cities to a safe community.

2019 Prices:

$20 = 100 paintballs

$26 = 200 paintballs

$35 = 300 paintballs and VIP no wait experience

you can re-ride with purchase of more paintballs!

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