Most of us have at least one crazy ex in our pasts, but not many of them randomly show up ten years after the break up, demanding twenty bucks.

Unfortunately for a 53-year old man in New Haven, Connecticut, that’s exactly what happened. According to the man (who understandably wants to remain anonymous, lest any other crazy exes come out of the woodwork) 44-year old Carol Ann Mansfield showed up on his front porch last week, and began banging on the door and yelling, demanding that he give her $20. New Haven police say the man -- who ended a relationship with Mansfield in 2003 -- repeatedly told her to leave, but it only seemed to make her more angry. (What, sound logic and reasoning didn’t work on a crazy ex? We're shocked!) He eventually gave her the $20 in an effort to get her to leave, but she still refused to leave his porch.

When police arrived, they took Mansfield in and charged her with trespassing and breach of the peace. On top of that, they found that she was already wanted on a variety of other outstanding warrants, including three other counts of trespassing, criminal mischief, failing to appear in court and probation violations. Looks like that twenty bucks is going towards bail.

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