Former Warrant singer Jani Lane was found dead earlier tonight (Thursday, August 11th) at a Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, California. So far, no official cause of death has been released.

The man famous for writing 'Cherry Pie' left Warrant to pursue a solo career before reuniting with the group again in 2008.

In a June 2010 interview, Lane spoke about his battle with alcoholism and the negative impact it has had on his career, saying:

The last year, I've suffered some consequences from drinking that I've never suffered in my entire life. It's really made me take a step back and go, 'Is this how you want to continue? Is this how you want to finish up?' The answer is no. I'll tell you, one day you think that this is absolutely normal, this is expected, 'This has been my lifestyle for 20 years, what's the problem?' And, all of a sudden, things take a turn, and you go, 'I don't like these consequences. I don't like how this affects my family, I don't like how this affects my career, I don't like how this affects anything.' Then you begin to work.

Lane was 47 years old.