Finally, are we getting good news from WSDOT?

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The Washington State Department of Transportation Announces Updates for Passes Closed by Snow

Every spring, travelers wait for the good news from WSDOT about when certain mountain passes will open after being closed by really deep snowfall. Years ago, these locations were not open until nature melted the snow enough but now WSDOT crews eventually clear the roads much earlier with large snow plows and blowers. In April, WSDOT crews start avalanche clearing for closed areas, bringing high-altitude snow to the mountain pass highway below. After all the avalanche blasting is completed, crews with huge plows fitted with enormous snow blowers remove the large amounts of snow from the highway. Chinook Pass on SR-410 is almost always the last to open, and this year is no different. WSDOT crews announced they are making good progress, but with 125 inches of snow depth at the summit, it will still take a while before they are done. Memorial Day is the goal to open but they stress it is only a goal and nothing official.

WSDOT Announces SR-20 Opening April 19, 2024

Even though crews are still a ways from opening Chinook Pass, the SR-20 North Cascades Highway will open tomorrow, April 19, 2024. They also warn, "If you are planning a trip in the coming weeks keep in mind that there are limited pit stops and no cell service through the mountain passes. And thanks to the crews for their hard work." The updates came with a large gallery of pictures showing all the work WSDOT crews have been putting in to get all mountain passes open ASAP. See the rest of the gallery below.

WSDOT April Update: SR-410 and SR-20 Mountain Passes

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