The Pasco Police department  assisted the Tri-City animal control over the weekend to confiscate 2 Capuchin monkeys from a Pasco home.

Photo From Pasco Police

According to an article in the Tri-City Herald

Animal control had been investigating after allegations had been made of an animal bite in Kennewick in the fall and that the monkeys were not properly vaccinated, said Pasco Officer Jeffrey Cobb.

Washington law has prohibited owning a potentially dangerous wild animal, which would include monkeys, since 2007, Cobb said. Capuchins are small monkeys with dark backs and light faces that are native to Central and South America.

Animal Control is closed until Tuesday. Cobb said sending the monkeys to a sanctuary might be considered, but officials also will mull whether the monkeys were in the owner’s possession before the dangerous animal law took affect.

Poor Monkeys I hope they end up in a happy place!