Looking to immerse yourself into everything you ever wanted to know about Metallica? Well, music enthusiasts will get that chance quite soon with a new two-volume Metallica biography in the works. The first work in the series, titled ‘Birth School Metallica Death: Volume I,’ is due out in the fall of 2013, followed by the second installment, ‘Birth School Metallica Death: Volume II,’ which will hit shelves in the fall of 2014.

Authored by Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood, the tomes promises to offer a complete and comprehensive look at the band from their inception through present day. Based on rare interviews with the bands that spanned over 75 hours, it’s a complete look at their career. The two were given unprecedented access to the band including attending studio sessions, sharing limo rides and jaunts in private jets and just kicking back with the band for a beer or two.

‘Volume I’ starts with the band’s formative years in the underground scene of Northern California and delivers all the way through to the band’s explosive mainstream breakthrough with their album ‘…And Justice for All.’ ‘Volume II’ picks up where ‘Volume I left off, with details on the band’s success, excess, and the challenges that ensued.

Purchased by Da Capo Press, editor Ben Schafer had this to say about the books, “Metallica’s story is an epic narrative finally getting the same multi-book treatment as Elvis Presley, Charles Darwin, and several former Presidents.”

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